SAUC Club Tryouts

If you’re interested in playing club level ultimate in the San Antonio area, please fill out this form!

Some background: Bexar is are a mixed team out of San Antonio, and Alamode is an open (mens) team out of San Antonio, and we are both excited to make a transition back into ultimate after missing the past year. We’re not entirely sure what the landscape for return-to-play will look like just yet, but promise to keep you informed as we figure out how to safely hold tryouts, determine rosters, practice and compete. Both teams are expecting to have two practices per week (one Saturday, one on a day during the week), though exact days for those practices will be determined later.

Tryout Info: During the tryout process, both teams will be holding combined tryouts on May 22 (location tbd). The combine will be followed by an invite-only practice for each team during the first week of June. As USAU will be requiring mask usage during sanctioned tournaments, we will be requiring everyone who attends these tryouts to wear masks when social distancing is not possible. Leadership will provide masks to all attendees.

Please note that if you are unable to make tryouts, we’d love to accommodate you! Reach out to Bexar leadership at or Alamode leadership at to discuss options in the event you’re unable to make it to tryouts.

To set the scene, there aren’t many tournaments on the table yet, so we don’t have a true idea of what exactly this club season will hold. It is entirely possible that the tournaments for this season will be limited to the series and local tournaments (that is, tournaments around San Antonio, plus sectionals, regionals, and nationals, which will take place in September and October). That being said, we’re looking forward to having some fun outside, making some new friends, and honing our skills on the field.

Feel free to reach out to any of the leadership if you have questions about the season.

Thank you!

Austin, Blake, Brody, and Eleanor (Bexar Leadership) and Shelley and Harry (Alamode Leadership)

Spring League 2015

Hello San Antonio Ultimate Lovers!

San Antonio Ultimate Spring League registration is now OPEN! Games will be on Sunday evenings starting with a hat tournament on March 15 and run through May 17th (skipping Easter Sunday). Sign up now using the link below! Cost for the league will be $60 which includes all play and a SWEET jersey. No payment is due yet though!

If you have any questions, feel feel to contact me at or the league coordinator, Doc, at

Until league starts, feel free to come out to pickup games!
-Saturdays, 9:30 am at the UT Health Science Center IM fields
-Sundays, 3:30 pm at Bradley Middle School
-Sundays, 4:00 pm at Olmos Basin
-Wednesdays, 6:30 pm at Tony Martinez softball field (near the SA zoo)
-Fridays, 4:00 at Olmos Basin

Pilgrims and Pirates!

Hey all! Flying Dutchman, one of the awesome mixed teams from the Dallas area, will be hosting a hat tournament on November 15 in Ft. Worth! Hat tournaments are a great way to meet new people and get some experience by playing with people from all skill levels. I’ve added some information below. If enough people are interested, we can try to work out a carpool/hotel stay type of deal.

Link to more information:
Link to registration page:

Please comment on this post or get in touch with me (Eleanor) if you have any questions.

Altitude is on the Rise!

As many of us know, Ultimate is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. New high school, club, and college teams are popping up constantly, and the number of pickup games across the country grows every day. I’m proud to say that Trinity University’s women’s team, Altitude, is one of the nation’s newest teams! Eryn Ivey and I (Eleanor) are so PROUD to be coaching together during this inaugural season.

This past weekend, we all piled in cars are headed north for our first official tournament, Ultimate 101 hosted by the University of Texas at Dallas. After some organizational conundrum-solving and a rather speedy warm-up, Altitude commenced with this first ever game against Texas. While the weather conditions weren’t exactly favorable (55 degrees has never felt so cold!), we worked our tails off! Our handlers had some great throws, our cutters were constantly getting open, and our sideline spirit was out of control! Although we weren’t able to pull out a win, I know everyone would agree that we discovered our strengths and our weaknesses and that the first game was an incredible learning experience. Our second game on Saturday was against the reigning D-3 National Champions, Rice. Eryn and I were incredibly excited for this game for two reasons: first, we were excited for our new players to see an experienced squad and participate in a game of Ultimate with constant movement. Second, we wanted to see how our girls stacked up against such an incredibly talented team. Well…we did GREAT! Altitude scored their first point as a team and got a boost of confidence. The last two games of Saturday pool play were against the University of Dallas and Hendrix University. We still weren’t able to get any checks in the win column, but we played hard and kept the games competitive! After the games, Altitude had a LONG stretching session to ward off any first-day soreness (surprise, it still appeared) and then met for a nutritious team dinner (kidding—we got burgers, fries, and milkshakes)!

The forecast for Sunday hinted at a beautiful day for some Ultimate and we were all overjoyed that the weathermen got it right! Altitude had a wonderful second half against in-city rival UTSA, but weren’t able to overcome a slow start. Now we know that we’re definitely not a first-game team. After working through some scheduling issues, Altitude got on the field against a very experience, but under-manned UDU team. Again, a win wasn’t in the books, but it was the closest game of the weekend!

As a first time coach, I was incredibly nervous going into this tournament. I was worried that I’d make a fool of myself and that I’d disappoint my team. However, they were always willing to accept my advice and criticisms (I even made it look like I knew what I was doing a few times!). Overall, I had an incredible time and am looking forward to future practices and tournaments where we can implement some of the new skills and tricks we learned.

Austin–Powering Through

Sectionals, sectionals, sectionals! No, we aren’t obsessed with living room furniture—we just finished one of the biggest tournaments of the season! Bexar Necessities came into sectionals ranked 8th in the great state of Texas, but before the weekend was over, we’d secured a 6th place finish along with a bid to Regionals!

Saturday started out much like any other tournament. The humidity ensured that the entire team (decked out in our fantastic new Jungle Book themed jerseys!) was already drenched in sweat before we even flipped for possession. Our first game against Black Pearl went as well as anyone would have hoped. The offensive flow looked great and we quickly ended the game with a score of 11-2. The second-round game, against one of our favorite teams, Balloon Terrorists, was a little more challenging. With one game under our belts, our legs were starting to feel that Frisbee burn and we were sweating even more. However, we once again pulled out a win with a final score of Bexars 11, Balloon 9. Next up was our biggest in-state rival, the Flying Dutchman. The game went back and forth for its entirety, with some great points played on each side. In the end, the Bexars just couldn’t quite sink that ship and lost by 2 points. The fourth game of the day came with an enunciation lesson (for both sides!) as we played the very friendly Tlacuaches (yes, I spelled it right!). As a very talented throwing team, Tlacuaches definitely challenged us, but we were once again able to find out way to victory and skate by with a final score of 11-6.

The fifth and final game of the day for the Bexars was against Risky Business, an elite level team from Dallas. Exhausted, cramping, dehydrated and just plain tired, the Bexars took the line, scored an early break and were very eager for the day to be over! However, we might have been just a little bit too eager. After hitting soft-cap and establishing a game to 10, the Bexars found themselves in a position where they had to score an upwind break to win the game. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t quite get it past those Risky Businessmen (and women) and lost the game on Universe point 10-9.

After five games, no breaks, and subsisting mainly on water, the team drove through the windy hills of East Austin and stumbled upon a haunted corn maze! We devoured our burgers and took some time to explore the funky (and fake) wild-west town surrounding the restaurant (honestly, that might not be the best word to describe where we ate; but it had tables, chairs, and something resembling a menu, so we’ll go with it). A long night’s sleep at the trusty hotel and we were ready to take on day 2!

Sunday began with a game against BID and man, did we want to win! For a while, things seemed to be going our way. Both teams were playing well and for such a windy day, there were a surprising number of breaks. Maybe it was the wind, maybe the exhaustion, maybe a combination of the two, but the Bexars broke down and just couldn’t make it past BID. Final score: 14-9. Our second game on Saturday was played against Balloon Terrorists and this was possibly the most fun game of the weekend. Though both teams were vying for the last spot to regionals (interestingly, the same thing that happened at sectionals in 2013), everyone stayed spirited and excited. Bexars claimed the victory and the last spot to regionals with a final score of 15-8. After the game, we formed a spirit circle and were able to share some of our favorite memories of the weekend with the other team. Although I love the competitive spirit that I’m able to show at tournaments, I think I ‘m even more enamored with the new friends I get to make on other teams and the experiences I’m able to share with both my team and others.

This isn’t the last you’ll hear from me! Bexar Necessities and the Open team, Presidio de Bexar, will both be competing at the Regional tournament in Tulsa on September 27th and 28th. Hopefully we’ll all be able to bring back some fun stories and great memories to share with you!

Bexars in Waco

One hot (HOT!) Saturday in July, a small group of ultimate players braved the battle that is I-35, caravanned to Waco, and played some AWESOME Frisbee in a small, one-day scrimmage with some of our favorite teams in Texas! With five games, six subs, and seven on the line, it was certainly one very long day.

We started out the day with a great game against Pad See Ew, our neighbors to the North. The Drunken Noodles came out strong, but we came our stronger! After taking half at 6 (games were played to 11), we seemed a little tired to start of the second half, but were able to hold on to our lead to take the game to hard cap. Games against Balloon Terrorists and The Observers followed where we continued our streak of coming out strong to start the game and take half. In both of these games though, we kept our cool heads (hah! nothing was cool at all) and finished the second half just as excited and ready to play as we were in the first half. Our unwillingness to play down to our opponent’s level is what really set this weekend apart from our other competitions.

Our fourth game of the game was against the Flying Dutchman, who are sure to be our rivals for the rest of the club season. Although tired from the first three games, seven brave Bexars took the line after a rousing “bear attack” (rawrrrr) cheer and started the game. With some deep hucks on both sides, a few great upwind break points, and a couple fantastic Ds from both sides, Dutchman took the half 6-4. The Bexars came out wanting some revenge and took the score to 6-5 with the hard cap looming over their heads. Dutchman scored again, but the Bexars quickly responded to bring the final score to 7-6. Although it was a disappointing loss, I know that we’re entirely capable of dominating that team with a few minor changes (and maybe a roster that’s a little more fleshed out).

Our final game against Black Pearl went by quickly and (almost) painlessly and Bexar Necessities pulled out another win to end our day with a 4-1 record. We immediately found the closest pizza place and proceeded to stuff our faces with rolls, fried cheese, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches before we faced the long, cramp-inducing drive back to San Antonio.

Overall, I’m incredibly proud of how the team fared this weekend and excited to see how we use what we learned to shape the way the rest of the season goes! Our next tournament is PB&J in College Station during the second weekend of August. We’ll be facing many of the same teams and I, for one, am hoping to pull out a big W against the Flying Dutchman! Congratulations on a fantastic Saturday of play, Bexar Necessities!

The Team and the Temperature: It Only Goes Up From Here

At the end of April, just in time to miss the last few events of Fiesta, the mixed team (we’re still nameless…we really need some help, guys!) traveled with a rag-tag squad to Round Rock, Texas to compete in Club CenTex. With a larger pool of competition (12 teams instead of the expected 8), we knew that we were in for a tough weekend. We started off with a first-round bye (so much for that tough weekend!) and then played our first game against Austin’s Beta Test  (usually playing as BID). After a slow first half, the gang started to get their act together to rally in the second half. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and we ultimately (ha!) fell to Beta by just a few points. Next up, we played Flying Dutchman from Dallas…and we KILLED it! We threw out some strong lines, focused on playing chilly, and took them down with a score of 13-9. Everyone’s highlight of the game was when our youngest player, David, caught a disc over Dutchman’s tallest player, aptly named “Tree.” Yay David! In the last game of pool play, we took on Pad See Ew, one of our favorite teams to play from Austin. Although we played well, we weren’t able to take down their squad and lost again. We took third in our pool (that win against Dutchman really helped us out!), then we played our crossover game, the last one of the day. It was hot, everyone was tired, but we stuck to our guns and pulled out another win, finishing the day with a 2-2 record. After a long day in the hot sun, everyone was ready for a cold drink and some spicy tacos, so we headed down the road to Torchy’s for the most excellent post-game meal anyone can remember. The Mavs’ last minute win over the Spurs was the only damper on a great evening.


After a restful night, we made our way back to the field on Sunday morning for another full day of ultimate. Our first game of the day was against Black Pearl, the little sister team of Flying Dutchman. Although everyone was sore and tired and both teams were plagued by injuries (nurse Mona sent one of the other players to the hospital for seven stitches), we came out with the W after a long game going all the way to hard cap. Our second match, against Robot Chicken, was arguably our best game of the weekend. Robot Chicken (aka Arkansas’ RUA) is a great team that consistently ranks near the top of our region. We kept it close for the entire game, running hard, chasing down discs, and pulling down some fantastic grabs. After a spectacular Callahan by Eddie to take it to universe point, we weren’t able to keep ourselves going and fell by just one point. Next up, we had a chance to redeem ourselves against Pad See Ew…and we DID! Despite our tired legs and sunscreen burning our eyes, we showed that the day before was an anomaly and we’re a team who came to compete. I think we surprised PSE with our intensity after an already long day and pulled out an easy win, getting to 15 before soft cap even went off. Our last game of the day was against Lone Star, a mixed team from Houston. By this point, we were the only teams left at the field and the lack of sideline action started to get to us. It’s always easier to play when you know people are watching, I think. We lost to Lone Star after agreeing to play a shorter game due to our dwindling roster and the skyrocketing heat. Overall we went 4-4 for the weekend and took 6th place in the tournament, a victory by any means!