San Antonio Womxn’s Ultimate Frisbee Club

The ultimate frisbee season looks a little different this year as USAU and San Antonio clubs work to return to play safely! Please take the time to fill out this survey as you have expressed interest in SAN ANTONIO WOMXN’S CLUB FRISBEE.

The womxn’s team will not be participating in any of the set USAU Open Club tournaments as they are mainly out of state from August-October. A large majority of those interested expressed they would like to stay locally, so that is what you can expect for our competitive season.

Our team will be practicing Mondays and Wednesdays 6-8pm, one of these days will be dedicated to small sided scrimmages like 5v5s or more if we can get players out! Some weekends will be determined for scrimmages with any of the other local SA clubs. This will go throughout the summer until about August.
The first practice will be held on Monday, June 7th 6-8pm. The location is to be determined and will be sent out via text/email.

Thank you for your interest in our club and we hope to see you out there!!

Please follow this link to join our GroupMe for all of the latest updates. ‘Womxn’s ultimate – SA’ on GroupMe. Click here to join:

– Joshlynn Chapa

SAUC Club Tryouts

If you’re interested in playing club level ultimate in the San Antonio area, please fill out this form!

Some background: Bexar is are a mixed team out of San Antonio, and Alamode is an open (mens) team out of San Antonio, and we are both excited to make a transition back into ultimate after missing the past year. We’re not entirely sure what the landscape for return-to-play will look like just yet, but promise to keep you informed as we figure out how to safely hold tryouts, determine rosters, practice and compete. Both teams are expecting to have two practices per week (one Saturday, one on a day during the week), though exact days for those practices will be determined later.

Tryout Info: During the tryout process, both teams will be holding combined tryouts on May 22 (location tbd). The combine will be followed by an invite-only practice for each team during the first week of June. As USAU will be requiring mask usage during sanctioned tournaments, we will be requiring everyone who attends these tryouts to wear masks when social distancing is not possible. Leadership will provide masks to all attendees.

Please note that if you are unable to make tryouts, we’d love to accommodate you! Reach out to Bexar leadership at or Alamode leadership at to discuss options in the event you’re unable to make it to tryouts.

To set the scene, there aren’t many tournaments on the table yet, so we don’t have a true idea of what exactly this club season will hold. It is entirely possible that the tournaments for this season will be limited to the series and local tournaments (that is, tournaments around San Antonio, plus sectionals, regionals, and nationals, which will take place in September and October). That being said, we’re looking forward to having some fun outside, making some new friends, and honing our skills on the field.

Feel free to reach out to any of the leadership if you have questions about the season.

Thank you!

Austin, Blake, Brody, and Eleanor (Bexar Leadership) and Shelley and Harry (Alamode Leadership)

COVID19 Safety

Nothing is more important to SAUC than the health and safety of our community. We have reviewed USA Ultimate’s return to play guidelines and the CDC Considerations for Youth Sports. We are keeping a close eye on the San Antonio risk-level dashboard. We surveyed the local ultimate community around possible safety measures and desire to play right now. Using those documents and your input as our guiding framework, we wrote COVID19 policies to mitigate risk at our Spring League and all SAUC events going forward. In the midst of a global pandemic, there is no way to completely eliminate all risk of spread, but the reality is that people are currently playing Ultimate in San Antonio with no defined safety policy. We think a safety policy built around community input is better than no policy, and hope that all members of the Ultimate Community choose to be leaders in keeping our broader community safe.

Getting fully vaccinated is the best way to protect ourselves and our community.

We encourage all members of our community to do their best to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. Visit San Antonio’s COVID19 vaccine center for information on appointments

Masks are an easy safety measure shown to be effective at stopping the spread of COVID19.

Ultimate players are encouraged to wear masks any time they are in a public setting. This includes walking to and from fields, going to happy hours after games, or acting as a representative of the Ultimate community in any capacity.

COVID spreads by prolonged physical proximity, so we should maintain social distance whenever possible

  • Players on the sideline should maintain six feet of distance.
  • Opposite teams should set up on opposite sidelines.
  • Spectators should set up apart from teams, and six feet apart.
  • Spirit circles and huddles should be spaced apart.
  • Rule change: “Disc space” is increased to about three feet while playing. A defender must mark at least one arm length away.

Hand hygiene is important. 

  • Everyone should wash their hands with soap and water throughout the day, rubbing their hands vigorously for at least twenty seconds each time. 
  • When soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer should be used.
  • Players should use hand sanitizer before and after every game, and any time they sub out.

Please self-quarantine if you have been exposed to COVID19 or are feeling symptoms.

Every time you play, you should review this questionnaire to see if you might be putting other players at risk. If you experience any symptoms, you should quarantine until a medical provider clears you to play.

Indoor Ultimate can wait.

Almost all cases of COVID19 transmission occur indoors. We will wait on indoor games until it is safe.

Announcing SAUC

I am happy to announce the official formation of our new nonprofit corporation San Antonio Ultimate Community (SAUC). You, my friends who throw and chase plastic discs in San Antonio, are now SAUCers. The purpose of SAUC is to grow our Ultimate community through supporting leagues, pick-up, club teams and youth development. Those things have all been happening in San Antonio for a long time without a non-profit supporting them through many leaders’ individual efforts. SAUC aims to coordinate those efforts in a structure that allows for long-term planning and getting access to resources easier to get as an organization than as an individual.

You may not feel any immediate impact as a player, but my hope is that five years from now, our San Antonio Ultimate Community will see itself as a top-tier Ultimate city. We have the talent and interest in our city to field national-level club teams, bigger rec leagues with multiple tiers, and a thriving youth program that feeds into our competitive club teams, but none of those can be achieved without multiple years of coordinated effort. SAUC will provide the structure for transparent and coordinated leadership in our community with clear processes for leadership continuity over the years.

I’ll see you on the field, SAUCers.

Jake and Jaycee Farewell Hat Tourney

From the one and only Jake Johnson:

Hi, everyone! Jaycee Jones and I are looking to have a hat tournament on Sunday, Apr 18th at Olmos fields! This would replace normal Sunday pick-up at Olmos and also serve as our going-away “get together” with everyone before we move away at the end of the month The tourney will be super low-key and informal. We’ll also bring other frisbee mini games like Kan-Jam, Fricket, Goaltimate, and Spikeball for those who prefer to stay more socially distanced.Start time for the hat tourney would be 4pm, but we’ll be drawing teams around 3:45 so feel free to arrive early! I’d expect the event to be wrapped up around 7:30.If you plan to enter the hat tourney, please like this message so we know how many fields to reserve and set up!We hope to see ya’ll out there!

And from Jaycee Jones:
If you are coming BE THERE BY 3:45 WE ARE STARTING AT 4. If you get there after 4 everyone will point and stare and it will be uncomfortable and you will have no idea what team you’re on. Drinks of the electrolytic and alcoholic varieties are encouraged if you are someone who drinks liquid. If you tend to be hungry you can bring some food with you. Hope to see all of your beautiful faces out there one last time  If you can’t make it out, we still love you but not quite as much as the people who are coming.

SA Ultimate on Slack!


In the past, we’ve done a lot of our day-to-day communication on GroupMe. Our membership on our largest GroupMe chat has grown to over 250 members. That’s a sign of a healthy, growing community, but GroupMe isn’t really designed for a chat this big, and we’ve made the decision to transition to Slack for our group messaging. Slack allows people better control over which notifications they get, allows people to reply in-thread to messages, and lets us have a thread of admin-only posts for people that want just the biggest announcements without the chatter. We will keep the GroupMe alive until 6/1 while we transition.

Here’s an invite link for our Slack Workspace:

While the GroupMe stays alive, please be conscientious that every message you send is sent to 250 people. For comments intended for one or just a few people, please use the direct messaging feature of GroupMe, or better yet, come-on-over to our Slack workspace and ham it up in our #random channel.

Club Team Survey

Please take our quick club team survey!

We are trying to iron out a plan for the Bexar club team as well as help gauge interest for other potential San Antonio club teams.

Due to COVID, players moving away, and players retiring, we are trying to ensure we collect the most up-to-date responses from the community — particularly on # of women interested in playing club as well as players who want to take on club leadership roles.
So please answer the survey questions if you have any interest in playing club this summer! 

Thank you for your time!