Olmos Basin Pickup Time Change

Due to the upcoming approach of Daylight Savings the Olmos Basin Ultimate Frisbee pickup group will be playing on Sundays from 4 Pm to 6 Pm now. We will continue to play from 5 Pm until it’s too dark to play (or 7ish) on Fridays though due to the difficult for people to get off to play from work earlier than that. Occasionally games are organized on other nights as well. The best way to stay updated on non-regular pickup games we sometimes organize is to follow our facebook group:

The games are very recreational level and good for new players to get familiar although we do have a wide range of skill levels that come out. It varies on the numbers but sometimes we have a few games going at once depending on the night. We have a mix of men and women generally on any given week. Hope to see you out playing with us sometime soon!

Stephen Jennings

Presidio de Bexar lights a spark in college players

Presidio de Bexar, once the name of a Spanish fort during Texas colonization, now represents an up and coming men’s team fostering college player development. Rebranding San Antonio’s previous club teams RAGE, ASSAULT, and SAULT, Presidio de Bexar set out to improve college player development in San Antonio through exposure to focused coaching, elite club competition, but most importantly – FUN. Captained by veterans Ryan Bigley (Doublewide), and Nick Polito (Cosa Nostra, Dirty Birds), Presidio is creating a legacy destined to push Ultimate growth in San Antonio for years to come.

Our goal this season was player development, so rather than hash through our tournament successes (which were memorable- wins over Space B and Riverside, scoring 6 points on the eventual national champions Johnny Bravo which is as good as some national competitors, 8 points on HIP at PB&J) we have chosen to reflect on specific gains by our rookies. With pride, I present the future of San Antonio Ultimate.

Tynan (TRINITY): A brand new player, Tynan took a number of hard practices before a huge day in mid July when he scored 4 points in one practice! T-Y continued to grind throughout the season working on throws with his roommate, busting it on the track with teammates, and scoring a clutch point at sectionals. Now if we could just get him to leave his fraternity…

Will (UTSA): Can you say legend, as in a league of legends? Will sure can, but he also can say gym. This boy is swol, and ready to churn on defense to block disks with his huge muscles. His throws are better this season than I’ve ever seen them, and his smile, kind nature, and Elvis-like hair is infectious to his teammates.

Garret (UTSA): Our second most Junior player, Garrett got off to a rough start by being allowed to only talk in images via our group-text. Earning his nickname GIF, Garrett is a player eager to learn and ready to be loud. His biggest strides this season were improving his team defense on and off the field, learning where to put his gangly arms on the mark, and embracing team culture. This guy has a number of great years on Presidio to come (in fact, I think he loved his experience more than any other player – a skill which will maintain his eager learning for future seasons).

Li’l Steen (TRINITY): There’s quick, there’s lightning, then there’s little Steen. Having seen Austin play from his first tournament until now one can easily say he hasn’t lost his swag as he grew in skill. Always a force on defense, baby Steen’s knowledge of the game is rising to a mature level. He also throws a nasty chicken wing (remember that score Riverside? – ouch).

Sang (TRINITY): Another man who seems to fly over the ground, when told that he doesn’t have to layout for every D, Sang’s reply was “I don’t feel like I’m trying hard enough if I don’t.” Characteristic of his play, this statement shows the dedication and vigor Sang puts into every point. He has worked tirelessly to improve his play at the handle position in anticipation for his Junior season at Trinity. His flick huck has come a long way, but watch out for his backhand deep which is pretty nasty.

J’Mo (UTSA): Joseph clearly had the best hat at sectionals, what better to go with a throwback Spurs jersey than a throwback spurs hat!? I know what’s better, J’Mo’s upline forehand is better, so is his speed when jetting after a fly away disk.

Bovio (TRINITY): Deemed team “Workhorse”, BROvio has come to fill a pivotal roll on the field- namely: that dude opponents hate to guard. Well conditioned, and returning from New York with more explosiveness than we’d seen last season, BROvio could take a selfie on the sideline and make 4 cuts before it hit instagram. Bovio’s next mission is to work up the defense, his mind for the game is going to start producing turnovers assuming he is wise enough to anticipate the offense.

Michael (TRINITY): DH is one of Trinity’s up and coming Juniors ready to follow Bovio’s workman mentality. Quick to turn and jet, DH is so close to a sick layout bid and all it’s going to take is one catch before he never loses another. Absent the majority of the season due to a broken wrist, DH will be shaping Trinity’s offense at midfield and tallying up grass stains (gratuitous or not, you can’t tell on facebook).

JOEY (UT): Grazing carefully on the sideline, Joey was also unfortunately injured for much of his season. One of the most agile players on the field, players with less “insta-speed” have a hard time keeping up. We could also learn a thing or two about flopping from Joey, who cramped spectacularly at PB&J. Improved precision making and throws are going to turn this young-blood into a dangerous enemy.

Jake (UTSA): Captaining UTSA’s Men’s AND Women’s team (attaboy Jake) for his second year, Jake made large contributions to Presidio’s squad – but more importantly is bringing club lessons to his young band of recruits. Paired with Jimmy at UTSA, the two handler dominators can make trouble for unprepared teams. Good at observing the field and playing his roll as auxilary handler – part time cutter – Jake is an essential team player who is absorbing detail and finesse at an alarming rate. Watch out for this senior in the South Central region.

At season’s close, the team reflected upon the summer, planning improved camaraderie via social outings (namely bowling and horse-racing), and improved conditioning for next season. Everyone starts somewhere, and this team’s success in 2014 is already extending far beyond the season as these college players extend their influence in the central Texas ultimate community. 2-4 years ago there were only a handful of Trinity/UTSA players in the club scene, and San Antonio Ultimate would’ve been hard pressed to even travel to Tulsa for the prospect of a mere 5 games at Regionals. This season 20+ Trinity/UTSA students and alums could be spotted on various teams in the region.

2-1-000000000000000000000000000000000 PRESIDIO

Altitude is on the Rise!

As many of us know, Ultimate is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States. New high school, club, and college teams are popping up constantly, and the number of pickup games across the country grows every day. I’m proud to say that Trinity University’s women’s team, Altitude, is one of the nation’s newest teams! Eryn Ivey and I (Eleanor) are so PROUD to be coaching together during this inaugural season.

This past weekend, we all piled in cars are headed north for our first official tournament, Ultimate 101 hosted by the University of Texas at Dallas. After some organizational conundrum-solving and a rather speedy warm-up, Altitude commenced with this first ever game against Texas. While the weather conditions weren’t exactly favorable (55 degrees has never felt so cold!), we worked our tails off! Our handlers had some great throws, our cutters were constantly getting open, and our sideline spirit was out of control! Although we weren’t able to pull out a win, I know everyone would agree that we discovered our strengths and our weaknesses and that the first game was an incredible learning experience. Our second game on Saturday was against the reigning D-3 National Champions, Rice. Eryn and I were incredibly excited for this game for two reasons: first, we were excited for our new players to see an experienced squad and participate in a game of Ultimate with constant movement. Second, we wanted to see how our girls stacked up against such an incredibly talented team. Well…we did GREAT! Altitude scored their first point as a team and got a boost of confidence. The last two games of Saturday pool play were against the University of Dallas and Hendrix University. We still weren’t able to get any checks in the win column, but we played hard and kept the games competitive! After the games, Altitude had a LONG stretching session to ward off any first-day soreness (surprise, it still appeared) and then met for a nutritious team dinner (kidding—we got burgers, fries, and milkshakes)!

The forecast for Sunday hinted at a beautiful day for some Ultimate and we were all overjoyed that the weathermen got it right! Altitude had a wonderful second half against in-city rival UTSA, but weren’t able to overcome a slow start. Now we know that we’re definitely not a first-game team. After working through some scheduling issues, Altitude got on the field against a very experience, but under-manned UDU team. Again, a win wasn’t in the books, but it was the closest game of the weekend!

As a first time coach, I was incredibly nervous going into this tournament. I was worried that I’d make a fool of myself and that I’d disappoint my team. However, they were always willing to accept my advice and criticisms (I even made it look like I knew what I was doing a few times!). Overall, I had an incredible time and am looking forward to future practices and tournaments where we can implement some of the new skills and tricks we learned.

Northside Pickup Changes

It has been a nice run at UIW on Wednesday but 10-15 will be the last game there. Next week (10-22) we are moving to Tony Martinez softball field near the ZOO. Northside will be at 5:30 till 7:00. The more competitive game will be there at 7:00 to 8:30( may be money collected talk to DOC).

Sunday time is moving to 5:00 (first pull), still at Bradley. We have had 6 on 6 with a sub even with league. SO, if you are not at league, join us on Sunday. The switch to 4 will occur on the day DayLight savings ends 11-2.

Picks 101

What is a Pick? A pick occurs whenever a defensive player’s path to reaching the offensive player he is marking is obstructed in any way. Most of the time, the obstruction is inadvertent, when another player happens to be standing (or running through) your path, forcing you to adjust your path when trying to reach the offensive player.

Unlike sports like Basketball or Football, a Pick in Ultimate is actually a violation. So if you are on Defense, and someone comes between you and the player you are marking, you should loudly call “pick” right away. Note, you must be within 10ft (3 meters) of the player you are defending in order to call a pick.

The confusion, however, lies in what happens after a pick is called…

If a pick is called and the disc is in a throwers hands, and the thrower acknowledges the pick:

  • stall count stops and continues at the last number stated+1 (or 6 if the count was over 5)
  • everyone resets to where they were when the pick was called
  • picked player regains relative position

If a pick is called, and the disc is in the throwers hands, but the thrower acknowledges it late:

  • stall count stops and returns to the last number stated before the pick was called+1 (or 6 if the count was over 5)
  • everyone resets to where they were when the pick was called
  • picked player regains relative position

If a pick is called and the disc is already in the air, the result of the play is as follows:

  • if the pass is dropped, then it’s a turnover, pick call is irrelevant.
  • if the pass is caught and the pick did NOT affect the play
    • the disc stays with the receiver
    • everyone resets to where they were when the pass was completed
    • picked player regains relative position.
  • if the pass is caught and the pick affected the play:
    • throw goes back
    • everyone resets to where they were when the throw was made
    • picked player regains relative position.

If a pick is called and the disc is in the throwers hands, but the thrower does not hear/acknowledge the call and still makes a throw, then the result is the same as of the pick was called while the disc was in the air, with one slight exception:

  • if the pass is caught and the pick “affected the play”
    • throw goes back
    • everyone resets to where they were when the call was made
    • picked player regains relative position

Regardless, the play stops after the current/imminent throw is made, and not after the one that follows. Which is to say, if a pick is called when the disc is in the air, only the result of that pass matters – no matter what, play stops at the outcome of that pass. And if the pick is called before the thrower acknowledges and the thrower still makes the throw, then only that throw continues, and no matter the result after, play stops. If another throw is made after the initial/imminent throw, the result is entirely irrelevant.

In all cases, the picked player is regaining only their relative position. Which means, if they were 9 ft behind the offensive player, they can’t all of a sudden position themselves in front of the offensive player after calling the pick — they must ‘regain’ until they are again 9 ft behind the offensive player.

Lastly, can you contest a pick? The answer is, yes, you can contest a pick. However, unless your ‘contest’ causes the player who called the pick to retract their call, the outcome of a ‘contested pick’ is the same as that of an ‘uncontested pick’. Play stops, everyone resets, and picked player regains relative position.

The most frequent reason to contest a pick is if the player who makes the call was not within 10 ft (3 meters) of the player they were defending. Otherwise, it’s really difficult to disagree that another player was obstructing the path to get to you.

If you want to look up the full text of the rules, you can find the 11th edition rules on picks.

Nationals 2014

Hello San Antonio Ultimate! I wanted to make you privy to one of the biggest Ultimate events of the year that is coming to Texas in little under a week! USA Ultimate National Championship is going to be hosted in Frisco, TX home to MLS team F.C. Dallas’ practice facilities. If only San Antonio had our own MLS team with Cushiony practice fields which are a requirement of the MLS. I’ve played on three such facilities in Seattle, Houston, and Dallas – and let me tell you they are so choice! Hopefully, MLS comes to town soon! ANYWAYS, back to Nationals or Nats for short. The best of the best from United States and Canada in three divisions: men’s, women’s, and mixed compete to win the superbowl of our sport.

The tournament takes place October 16-19. Pool play games on Thursday. Pre-quarters and Quarter finals on Friday as well as consolation games. Semi-Finals of all divisions staggered through the day Saturday to be the most spectator friendly experience as possible. and for Sunday the main event of Finals to crown the National Champions of each division. Schedule, Seeding, and general info can be viewed here. ESPN and NGN will be live streaming games all four days!

If you did not know by now, Nationals is “kinda a big deal” This is the cream of the crop of the USA which for those who follow WFDF international play already know that USA regularly dominates in the same manner as USA Basketball in FIBA. Which means you’re basically watching the best in the world at Ultimate.

On a personal note, I’m most looking forward to the Pool A match up on Thursday morning; Prairie Fire (Kansas City) vs. Doublewide (Austin). Prairie Fire was formed in 2007 with the stated goal of trying to make Nationals, I was lucky enough to play for them for the first two seasons and am so glad to see the team finally reach the goal of qualifying for nationals; it takes a lot of dedication and persistence to reach a goal after 7 years of trying, very admirable. Doublewide, I joined in 2010 and quickly we became a perennial semi-finalist team. Coincidence…. Absolutely . I have a lot of love for both teams and still know many teammates/friends on both.


San Antonio has a couple of players going to compete, Let’s get to know them!

Reid Bacon- Reid is the current captain of Trinity University Turbulence. This is his first year competing at the highest level after he had a great tryout with Doublewide in Austin. He’s come a long way from that awkward freshman to now just an absolute stud on and off the field. Reid has been privileged to be among the top 100 Under 23 year old National team tryouts list, and I have heard from a reliable source he is positioned as a strong choice to make the final cut, look out for that in mid-December

Aaron Saylor- Aaron is a defensive specialist for Cosa Nostra the mixed team based in Austin. Aaron is in the Air Force as a Nuclear detection specialist. He comes to San Antonio from the Triangle area of North Carolina, which is known for it’s aggressive stingy defense and Aaron definitely fits that mold. We’ll forgive him for playing in the mixed division 😉

If you see these guys before they take off for Frisco congratulate them and wish them luck!

Bottom line: Nationals is a great chance to watch and learn from the best in the game and it has become a very family friendly event, I encourage you to make the quick trip up and see for your self. This will most likely be the last time Nationals will be hosted this close to San Antonio, don’t let the opportunity go wasted.


Northside Pickup – Wednesday game has Moved

The Wednesday game at Bradley is MOVING. The NEISD has issued orders(again) that restrict the use of their athletic fields. Sunday will remain the same.

The Sisters at UIW have given us permission to use the intramural field at the Head Waters of the san Antonio river for the next two months.

This is a beautiful location and a nice field. You may be required to sign a waiver for release of liability which I will have.

Enter the campus from the 281 access road (right turn)just north of Hildebrand. Bare left at every turn until you see the large green house.  The field is the raised field north of there.  View directions here.