Austin–Powering Through

Sectionals, sectionals, sectionals! No, we aren’t obsessed with living room furniture—we just finished one of the biggest tournaments of the season! Bexar Necessities came into sectionals ranked 8th in the great state of Texas, but before the weekend was over, we’d secured a 6th place finish along with a bid to Regionals!

Saturday started out much like any other tournament. The humidity ensured that the entire team (decked out in our fantastic new Jungle Book themed jerseys!) was already drenched in sweat before we even flipped for possession. Our first game against Black Pearl went as well as anyone would have hoped. The offensive flow looked great and we quickly ended the game with a score of 11-2. The second-round game, against one of our favorite teams, Balloon Terrorists, was a little more challenging. With one game under our belts, our legs were starting to feel that Frisbee burn and we were sweating even more. However, we once again pulled out a win with a final score of Bexars 11, Balloon 9. Next up was our biggest in-state rival, the Flying Dutchman. The game went back and forth for its entirety, with some great points played on each side. In the end, the Bexars just couldn’t quite sink that ship and lost by 2 points. The fourth game of the day came with an enunciation lesson (for both sides!) as we played the very friendly Tlacuaches (yes, I spelled it right!). As a very talented throwing team, Tlacuaches definitely challenged us, but we were once again able to find out way to victory and skate by with a final score of 11-6.

The fifth and final game of the day for the Bexars was against Risky Business, an elite level team from Dallas. Exhausted, cramping, dehydrated and just plain tired, the Bexars took the line, scored an early break and were very eager for the day to be over! However, we might have been just a little bit too eager. After hitting soft-cap and establishing a game to 10, the Bexars found themselves in a position where they had to score an upwind break to win the game. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t quite get it past those Risky Businessmen (and women) and lost the game on Universe point 10-9.

After five games, no breaks, and subsisting mainly on water, the team drove through the windy hills of East Austin and stumbled upon a haunted corn maze! We devoured our burgers and took some time to explore the funky (and fake) wild-west town surrounding the restaurant (honestly, that might not be the best word to describe where we ate; but it had tables, chairs, and something resembling a menu, so we’ll go with it). A long night’s sleep at the trusty hotel and we were ready to take on day 2!

Sunday began with a game against BID and man, did we want to win! For a while, things seemed to be going our way. Both teams were playing well and for such a windy day, there were a surprising number of breaks. Maybe it was the wind, maybe the exhaustion, maybe a combination of the two, but the Bexars broke down and just couldn’t make it past BID. Final score: 14-9. Our second game on Saturday was played against Balloon Terrorists and this was possibly the most fun game of the weekend. Though both teams were vying for the last spot to regionals (interestingly, the same thing that happened at sectionals in 2013), everyone stayed spirited and excited. Bexars claimed the victory and the last spot to regionals with a final score of 15-8. After the game, we formed a spirit circle and were able to share some of our favorite memories of the weekend with the other team. Although I love the competitive spirit that I’m able to show at tournaments, I think I ‘m even more enamored with the new friends I get to make on other teams and the experiences I’m able to share with both my team and others.

This isn’t the last you’ll hear from me! Bexar Necessities and the Open team, Presidio de Bexar, will both be competing at the Regional tournament in Tulsa on September 27th and 28th. Hopefully we’ll all be able to bring back some fun stories and great memories to share with you!

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