Bexars in Waco

One hot (HOT!) Saturday in July, a small group of ultimate players braved the battle that is I-35, caravanned to Waco, and played some AWESOME Frisbee in a small, one-day scrimmage with some of our favorite teams in Texas! With five games, six subs, and seven on the line, it was certainly one very long day.

We started out the day with a great game against Pad See Ew, our neighbors to the North. The Drunken Noodles came out strong, but we came our stronger! After taking half at 6 (games were played to 11), we seemed a little tired to start of the second half, but were able to hold on to our lead to take the game to hard cap. Games against Balloon Terrorists and The Observers followed where we continued our streak of coming out strong to start the game and take half. In both of these games though, we kept our cool heads (hah! nothing was cool at all) and finished the second half just as excited and ready to play as we were in the first half. Our unwillingness to play down to our opponent’s level is what really set this weekend apart from our other competitions.

Our fourth game of the game was against the Flying Dutchman, who are sure to be our rivals for the rest of the club season. Although tired from the first three games, seven brave Bexars took the line after a rousing “bear attack” (rawrrrr) cheer and started the game. With some deep hucks on both sides, a few great upwind break points, and a couple fantastic Ds from both sides, Dutchman took the half 6-4. The Bexars came out wanting some revenge and took the score to 6-5 with the hard cap looming over their heads. Dutchman scored again, but the Bexars quickly responded to bring the final score to 7-6. Although it was a disappointing loss, I know that we’re entirely capable of dominating that team with a few minor changes (and maybe a roster that’s a little more fleshed out).

Our final game against Black Pearl went by quickly and (almost) painlessly and Bexar Necessities pulled out another win to end our day with a 4-1 record. We immediately found the closest pizza place and proceeded to stuff our faces with rolls, fried cheese, pizza, pasta, and sandwiches before we faced the long, cramp-inducing drive back to San Antonio.

Overall, I’m incredibly proud of how the team fared this weekend and excited to see how we use what we learned to shape the way the rest of the season goes! Our next tournament is PB&J in College Station during the second weekend of August. We’ll be facing many of the same teams and I, for one, am hoping to pull out a big W against the Flying Dutchman! Congratulations on a fantastic Saturday of play, Bexar Necessities!

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