Pick Up

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[accordion title=”Northside Ultimate”]
San Antonio’s longest running pick-up Ultimate Frisbee game. This game has been around since 1979. Almost everyone who plays Ultimate consistantly in the city has at one point or another played at this game.

Skill levels range from folks brand new to the sport, to folks that have been playing for decades. All skills levels are welcome.

Fields: Grass
Gametimes (Updated 10/27/2018):

  • Sunday at 4:00pm at Bradley Middle School
  • Wednesdays at 7pm at Tony Martinez Softball Field (near the SA Zoo).  (Some people start arriving at 6:45pm, so the game may start sooner if enough people show up early and the field is available.)

(Please bring $2 to help offset the cost of the field/lights if playing at Lambert Beach or Tony Martinez field)

Field Reservation Documents

Contact: Mike Koch – rm_koch@hotmail.com

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[accordion title=”Olmos Basin”]
Description: We have a casual game and have had it running for around six years. Good mix of all skill levels. Good place for new people to get started playing. We tend to run with a few more than regulation rather than having people substitute to keep everyone playing the whole time. We usually run two games due to the number of people and occasionally 3 games at once. Usually were anywhere between 28-38 people on a given Sunday and a smaller game on Fridays.

Sometimes Olmos Basin Sports Complex (Soccer Fields) are flooded in which case we play on our backup fields at McCullough and Basse next to the baseball fields.

Costs: Free
Fields: Grass
– Fridays at 6pm at Olmos Basin
Contact: Stephen Jennings – stephen@jennings.org
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/137436576315988/
[accordion title=”SA Club Ultimate”]
San Antonio’s most competitive pick up group. If you are looking to learn and play Ultimate with other club level players, this is the place to do it. Despite the competitive nature, this group is still open to anyone, including new people that are willing to learn.

Fields: Grass or Turf
– None currently scheduled

Contact: SAClubUltimate@googlegroups.com

Website: https://groups.google.com/group/saclubultimate
[/accordion][accordion title=”St. Mary’s Pickup”]Come to the pickup game Fridays from 4:30-6:30p at St. Mary’s University when school is in session.  Contact Doc if you have questions at CRedfield@stmarytx.edu.  St. Mary’s field location can be found under the Fields section.[/accordion][/accordions]