Announcing New Open Team

Hello, my name is Bigley and two of my favorites things are Ultimate and the City of San Antonio. I grew up here and have a lot of pride for the #cityontherise. I along with Nick Polito, Wayne Davis, Stephen Ariaza and a few other savvy vets will be conducting the San Antonio open team this year. I want to bring my experiences of playing elite level Ultimate for the past 5 years to San Antonio and have a damn good time doing it. If you’re a male between the age of 16-22 and can run in a straight line without falling down, this team is for you!


I want to announce a couple of things:

This new team will focus on Camaraderie, Improvement, and Teaching. This new team ethos will be a no pressure at practice kind of team yelling at teammates/your buddies is not something that will occur because we have some super chill knowledgeable people that want to pass on their skills to anyone who shows the desire to learn. This new team will have mandatory bro-smashing of beers as well as track workouts. A TEAM THAT PARTIES HARD TOGETHER PLAYS HARD TOGETHER. I am from the Wooden/Popovich school of thought. you play in a designed system (TBD) to the best you can and good things will happen – forget about winning and losing.
You might have noticed that I haven’t used the team name Rage. I feel and others agree that a new team ethos deserves a new team name that is more fitting to our current state. With that I call on you to help choose the new name. Email me any suggestions you have, I will compile the top 5 and we can vote a winner. Remember, we want a less hostile name, and something that reflects San Antonio. (if there is an Alamo history buff that can come up with a great obscure reference that would be awesome imho.)

Please join us and spread the word on Saturday May 4th, 3:00-6:00 pm, we will be holding a combine for those interested in playing on this new team. In the mean time come out to the most competitive pick-up game – every Wednesday at Tony Martinez, 7:00 pm.

Time: Saturday May 4th, 3:00-6:00m
Location: Trinity IM field

If you are even the slightest bit interested e-mail