Announcing SAUC

I am happy to announce the official formation of our new nonprofit corporation San Antonio Ultimate Community (SAUC). You, my friends who throw and chase plastic discs in San Antonio, are now SAUCers. The purpose of SAUC is to grow our Ultimate community through supporting leagues, pick-up, club teams and youth development. Those things have all been happening in San Antonio for a long time without a non-profit supporting them through many leaders’ individual efforts. SAUC aims to coordinate those efforts in a structure that allows for long-term planning and getting access to resources easier to get as an organization than as an individual.

You may not feel any immediate impact as a player, but my hope is that five years from now, our San Antonio Ultimate Community will see itself as a top-tier Ultimate city. We have the talent and interest in our city to field national-level club teams, bigger rec leagues with multiple tiers, and a thriving youth program that feeds into our competitive club teams, but none of those can be achieved without multiple years of coordinated effort. SAUC will provide the structure for transparent and coordinated leadership in our community with clear processes for leadership continuity over the years.

I’ll see you on the field, SAUCers.

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