Jake and Jaycee Farewell Hat Tourney

From the one and only Jake Johnson:

Hi, everyone! Jaycee Jones and I are looking to have a hat tournament on Sunday, Apr 18th at Olmos fields! This would replace normal Sunday pick-up at Olmos and also serve as our going-away “get together” with everyone before we move away at the end of the month The tourney will be super low-key and informal. We’ll also bring other frisbee mini games like Kan-Jam, Fricket, Goaltimate, and Spikeball for those who prefer to stay more socially distanced.Start time for the hat tourney would be 4pm, but we’ll be drawing teams around 3:45 so feel free to arrive early! I’d expect the event to be wrapped up around 7:30.If you plan to enter the hat tourney, please like this message so we know how many fields to reserve and set up!We hope to see ya’ll out there!

And from Jaycee Jones:
If you are coming BE THERE BY 3:45 WE ARE STARTING AT 4. If you get there after 4 everyone will point and stare and it will be uncomfortable and you will have no idea what team you’re on. Drinks of the electrolytic and alcoholic varieties are encouraged if you are someone who drinks liquid. If you tend to be hungry you can bring some food with you. Hope to see all of your beautiful faces out there one last time  If you can’t make it out, we still love you but not quite as much as the people who are coming.

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