SA Ultimate on Slack!


In the past, we’ve done a lot of our day-to-day communication on GroupMe. Our membership on our largest GroupMe chat has grown to over 250 members. That’s a sign of a healthy, growing community, but GroupMe isn’t really designed for a chat this big, and we’ve made the decision to transition to Slack for our group messaging. Slack allows people better control over which notifications they get, allows people to reply in-thread to messages, and lets us have a thread of admin-only posts for people that want just the biggest announcements without the chatter. We will keep the GroupMe alive until 6/1 while we transition.

Here’s an invite link for our Slack Workspace:

While the GroupMe stays alive, please be conscientious that every message you send is sent to 250 people. For comments intended for one or just a few people, please use the direct messaging feature of GroupMe, or better yet, come-on-over to our Slack workspace and ham it up in our #random channel.

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